In 2006, the National Archery in the Schools Program was introduced to the fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth grade students in Mt. Eaton and Fredericksburg Elementary Schools.  It was taught for 2 weeks during the Physical Education classes during the school day.  

        Students learn about the History of the equipment, safety, 11 steps of success, and the whistle commands that guides the program.  

      Today, students in grades 4-6 in Mt. Eaton, Fredericksburg and Holmesville Elementary learn about the NASP program and participate during the school day.  

     For those students that want to further their skills, there is an after-school program at each of the buildings.  

     In the past, students have participated in the Arnold Sports Festival in the State of Ohio NASP tournament, NASP National Tournament and the NASP World National Tournament.  

    We belong to the Applacian Archery Conference that is based out of Southeast Ohio.