About Our Program

The S3DA (Scholastic 3D Archery) program is currently active in 36 states and growing at a fast pace. S3DA is an entirely after school initiative that can be run through not only schools, but archery shops, churches, ASA clubs, firestations, etc. This also means that not all the students need to attend the same school to be part of any one particular program.  Students are attracted to S3DA because they are free to use any equipment of their choice, from any brand or company, only restricting speed limits based on the age and shooting division of the students. Along with them being able to choose their own equipment, they are also able to progress through the sport as they grow and develop. Each S3DA class provides a natural progression that helps students grow from elementary school through high school and it allows them to move straight into shooting at the collegiate level, where they are earning scholarships to shoot archery.  To ensure that the progression happens, S3DA partners with the U.S. Collegiate Archery Association and USA Archery. These partners allow colleges across the nation to see the potential S3DA archers can bring to their archery programs.  Students in S3DA have the opportunity to earn college scholarships based on their performance at S3DA events. The S3DA National Tournament saw students walk away with more than $4 million in college scholarships. This does not even consider the thousands of dollars won at regional and state competitions across the country.  

Q: Do I need to Attend Southeast Local Schools?

A: No, You do not.  Our team members can come from anywhere

Q: Can I use my hunting bow to compete?

A: Yes you can!